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DGONGGUAN TAIFENG ELECTRONIC LTD. Is established in 1997. Located at DongGuan ShiJie Town.  TAIFENG is:

  •   The pioneer private enterprise to produce and develop Network Communication Cable;
  •   A well-known Networking Infrastructure Supplier;
  •   Certified Cable manufacturer by ISO9001 and ISO14001
  •   Member unit in TIA/IEEE, UL Association.

With 20 years professional production experience, TAIFENG keeps the innovation principle, gains unique approach in telecommunication cable production and development.  TAIFENG has honored 2 Patents for Utility Models and 2 Invention Patents issued by the country.

TAIFENG has the world's most advanced NOKIA 65MM series extrusion, 500MM twisted pair, 900MM outer jacket production line and 800mm consulted production line. These facilities highly meet the requirements to produce high-function products as well as the market demand.

TAI FENG is currently one of the largest integrated networking cable production enterprises in China, it has a full set of test and inspection equipment such like DCM network analyzer, FLUCK expansion testing machine, and high multiple projectors.

"Anti aging double shielded communication cable" and "Anti self twist deformation of communication cable" have been awarded the high-tech products in Guangdong province! 
These production procedure also been awarded by the national patent no.:
ZL 201520298848.7
ZL 201510235421.7
ZL 201510235378.4
ZL 201520298836.4






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